Friday, October 1, 2010

王力宏-需要人陪 MV

I am super excited with his new album. Listening to 3 of his HIT lists, i would say it is a little bit unusual, in a good way of course. They all belong to mellow and love romantic genre. As his biggest fans, i realized his previous albums always be a combination of chink-out and fun and different in a sense that you grow in love with the song as you listen to it more and more.

i would like to share one song from his newest album: 需要人陪- need someone's company. this song is dedicated for those feeling lonely, or in LD relationship. here's the lyric translation:

open up my window to let this loneliness out from this airtight room.
the sound of happiness has been thrown away in the air, like no gorgeous person left.

closing my eyes and unable to see clearly. This double bed has missing its warmth.
who could company me till dawn, breaking this misty loneliness

I slowly lost my consciousness, pretending that i am hiding away.
you fly to the corner of the sky, but i don't know where i am.

someone like me, need a dream, a direction, a tear and especially a person to light up the darkness
I already lost my power, could not resist nor turn back. in this silentness, i need someone's company.

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