Saturday, July 17, 2010

My first walking Trip - Destination: Bukit Tabur

After few days of considering, I finally decided to pull this walking trip to real. I know that my darling might think I'm crazy to even think about this. But, she knew I got bigger things in my head and I have to get this over.

On Friday night 16, July 2010, I went to my bed a little bit early to give me that extra hour of sleep. I packed the normal gig as usual with few extra kilograms of water then set the alarm optimistically for 5:00 am.

The reason I set for 5:00 am because I the last thing I want to get is start walking with sun right on top of my head. But when you set for 5:00 am., somehow deep at the back of your mind you know that it is not going to happen :) so long story short, I leave the house at 6:10 am.

It took me almost three whole hours of walking, passing through a couple of bridges, schools, and few wrong turns before I finally get to the trail head. Of course if you can do your own math, you might cynically smile at me, I was just going to let myself exposed to direct sun for the next three hours on the hill. It is something that I have planned not to happen, but come on, 5:00 am is way too early to start the day anyway :P

I have been through this hill at least twice as far as I remember. But today is something that I will not forget for sure. I will let you look at some of the photographs I took today and let you imagine climbing and rappelling through those trails with a massive backpack behind you trying to pull you down at all times. It was a day-mare (not a nightmare) :D

Finishing the hike was a relief, but I still got another three hours of walk, back to my starting point. With not much energy left, I played a little easy on my way back. I made few stops to get my lunch and water and managed to get back by 3:40 pm.

I was extremely happy to be able to pull this off even though now I am literally disabled with two painful knees, bruised hip, and burned face. I am so going to get "I told you" from my darling because of this trip.

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