Friday, March 26, 2010

Rendang Nangka - 3/25

Phew...I am about to move out again next month, which will be my 4th moved within 1.5 years living in this town. While screening through my pantry, I found a sachet of rendang "bamboe", a can of jackfruit, some cabbage and tofu leftover. I thought of rendang nangka, which would be perfect for my vegetarian's guests. You might think i am going a bit crazy with the ingredients, but i do prefer having leftover ingredient end up on my food rather than my trash =)

Rendang Nangka - no meat version.
this is no fancy recipe especially with instant package. This is a vegetarian version, and you definitely could substitute the first three ingredients with beef or chicken for original version.

- 2 cans of young jackfruits -make sure the word "young" printed on the package. don't confuse it with jackfruit in light syrup.
- 1/4 head of cabbage
- 1/2 package of firmed tofu
- 2 red chilies
- 400 ml of coconut milk
- 200 ml of water (if you don't like it to be too coconut-fatty)
- 1 "Bamboe" rendang package.

Cut tofu and jackfruit in block. chopped the chillies and cabbage. Put a bit of vegetable oil in the wok. Stir the rendang package until fragrance. Pour 200ml of coconut milk and water in, then add chilies and jackfruit. Let it boils. Add the rest of the coconut milk, cabbage and tofu. Cook uncover in low-medium heat until the water reduce in half (it takes about 30 minutes or more, so your patience is virtue in here). Serve over with rice.

PS: if you have slow cooker, i think it will be even better. You could get perfect tenderness on the jackfruit. but make sure to reduce the water/coconut by at least 25%.

Happy Cooking

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